GFS Batch Powder Oven

Precision engineered for small- to medium-sized batch powder coating applications, the Batch Powder Oven from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) delivers consistent, high-quality finishes. Excellent heat distribution in the GFS Batch Powder Oven enables it to get up to temperature quickly, resulting in shorter cycle times and increased throughput. Available in a range of pre-engineered sizes and options, the GFS Batch Powder Oven is designed to meet your budget and lead time expectations, without compromising on quality.

The Batch Powder Oven is specifically designed for batch powder coating applications, with exceptional temperature uniformity and lower air change rates. The air delivery system in the Batch Powder Oven provides excellent heat distribution, allowing the oven to get up to temperature quickly. Reduced heat up and recovery rates allow for quicker cycle times.

Features of the new oven include:

  • Pre-engineered models
  • Standardized drawings
  • Standardized burner (Midco) and burner controller (Siemens)
  • Simplified control system (Converge control panel)
  • Pre-engineered door assemblies with improved frame, hinges and handles
  • Pre-engineered heater box assemblies
Batch Power Ovens