Air Power Manufacturing Solutions has been dedicated to continuous improvements not only in the field but in our own facilities as well. Thanks to Branch Manager, Dave McMahan, our Salem, VA branch is the latest to undergo a complete redesign. Located right outside of Roanoke, VA, this location offers counter sales and a warehouse conveniently stocked with wear parts to keep our customers in operation. This branch also houses a team of account managers, customer service reps, and an in-house repair center. Using the 5 S Method, Dave and his team were able to completely overhaul this branch to create a clean, organized space with increased functional ability.

The 5 S Method is a systematic form of visual management. It is not just about cleanliness or organization, but about maximizing efficiency in the workspace. The numerical and alphabetical 5 S represents the five steps in this organization method which include, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This method transforms any workspace into a clean, organized space that allows workers to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

Branch Manager Dave McMahan and his team applied this method and completely overhauled the Salem Branch. Focusing on the main work areas, this complete reorganization project included the Showroom, Sales Counter, Service, and Repair Center, Shipping and Receiving area, as well as the entire warehouse. The Showroom and Sales Counter were reorganized and enhanced to allow customers to browse and learn more about the products and services Air Power has to offer. The Service and Repair center overhaul allows easier movement through workspace, creating a clear, simple process for intake and quoting by using visual cues for item status within the process. This allows for quicker repairs and shorter turnaround times. The Shipping, Receiving, and Warehouse areas were reorganized to make finding parts and packing orders a more streamlined process. This makes picking. packing and shipping orders easier allowing for more efficiency.

If you work in the Salem, VA area be sure to drop by Air Power Salem to check out the new improvements!

A huge thank you to Ray Weeks, Mark Gabriel, Mark Richardson, Bryan Martin, Tim Hynes, and Kevin Averette for assisting, identifying areas for improvement, and working as a team to make it happen.