Filter Contract Controls Cost for Customer

Spray booth filters are a necessity in any manufacturing facility that applies paint in spray booths for either decorative or functional purposes. Costs associated with filters and labor can greatly impact a facility’s ability to control costs.


A large road equipment manufacturer with multi-state locations was receiving a single bill every month for filters and labor (change-outs) from a firm that did not itemize the billing. It was a single bill for both filter media and labor. This made it hard to break down exactly what filters were costing them annually and how much of the bill was labor.  This was hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.


Air Power, currently a vendor in 2 of the 3 plants for tools and equipment, was approached about what could be done on the side of filters. Could we show them, if supplying filters, how to properly change-out the filters and could we break down filter costs annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly etc.

Kemwove Filters

Air Power’s Solution

Air Power responded with an initial 3 plant audit and over the course of 2 weeks, visiting all 3 plants. All measurements, air flows, and paint studies were done to match the proper filters to each of the plant’s individual applications. At that point, Air Power’s Filter Specialist, the Customers’ Account Manager and the Air Power Branch Manager spent several weeks developing a highly detailed spreadsheet to break down annual, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly filter costs with product ID numbers and price to the customer per change-out. Air Power also spent time with each of the plants training their operators on how to properly install and change out the new filters. The labor saved was also a huge positive impact for all 3 plants.


The customer now knows exactly (within a narrow margin) what their costs associated with filters and labor are for each plant individually and the company as a whole.  They are highly confident with the Air Power team and work with us routinely for things that need to change or other challenges they face with new paints or new spray booths. It has truly been a win-win in this filter partnership.