OptiCenter OC09

Clean, Efficient and Versatile

Gema OptiCenter OC09

The OptiCenter OC09 powder management center with the integrated OptiFlow injector technology, guarantees fast color changes, stable coating results, and clean working conditions with easy maintenance and servicing. OptiCenter OC09 is the gateway solution for low to medium powder consumers seeking to improve powder utilization efficiency of their multi-color processes, by eliminating multiple fluidized hoppers and reducing operator involvement. Due to the comprehensive range of options, the OC09 is designed to adapt easily to an increase of future process- and production demands.

The heart of the OptiCenter is the OptiHopper, which optimally conditions the powder. The new OptiHopper has a large opening for a quick powder discharge. The perfect injector integration ensures a smooth powder flow to the spraying guns for best coating results!
The closed-loop powder circuit ensures a continuous and consistent powder supply and a guaranteed clean working environment. The contamination-free color changes increase productivity and reduce powder loss.

The Optiflow injectors are directly integrated into the OptiHopper and allow precise powder delivery and faster color changes. The unique Optiflow injector technology optimizes the Venturi principle in terms of transfer efficiency and minimal wear. Gema uses the unique lnline-Design to consistently and gently transport the powder from the powder hopper to the powder gun. This protects the powder and ensures minimal wear part consumption.

The operation of the OptiCenter is particularly intuitive and takes place via the 7″ touch screen of the integrated OptiControl control. With OptiControl you can easily control the coating process, select the step-by-step cleaning program guide as well as operate the recycling powder pump.
The high-performance modular design with a comprehensive range of optional upgrade features allows the user of OptiCenter to easily adapt to a future change of demands in process, quality, and production. This makes the OptiCenter flexible gateway tool for fast color change and allows an easy configuration to suit individual user requirements.
With a fresh powder feed and sieving solution, the most demanding quality requirements and expectations can be met.

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