Carlisle Fluid Technologies – Winning with Airless


Flooring Manufacturer was looking to increase pass yield coverage while spraying their Waterborne Topcoat on their flooring.  Their old process was using two Automatic Anesta Iwata air spray guns.

Air Power Solution

Through Air Power’s partnership with Carlisle Fluid Technologies we were able to offer the customer a solution by providing two Binks Automatic AG-364 Airless Spray guns fed by a Binks MX Series Pump.  The results were tremendous.


The Customer Experienced the following benefits:

  • Increased Pass Yield Coverage by around 40% on average.
  • Reduced coating use by around 50%.
  • Reduced clean up with the reduced amount of over spray
  • Improved coverage on edges and profiles, eliminating the shadow effect.
  • Elimination of CFM air usage.

The above benefits save the customer TIME and MONEY!