Farm Day with Air Power and Ingersoll Rand

Air Power in partnership with Ingersoll Rand presented our first ever “Farm Day” showcasing the newest of Ingersoll Rand’s battery platform as it relates to the farming and agricultural industry. It was a really fun day on the farm with plenty of trucks, ducks and battery powered power tools.

We wanted to know; Can an IR Battery Impact remove a 5 Year old rusted bolt on a tractor that has been sitting outside for years? – YES!    Can an IR Battery Impact remove a 9-ft through bolt on a disc harrow? – YES!

It takes a lot to impress a farmer but everyone at Farm Day agreed that the power of these IR tools was amazing. Ohh and at the end of the day….we may or may not have blown up a few competitors tools.   (scroll below the pictures)

Thank you Ingersoll Rand and a big thank you to all the Eastern North Carolina farmers for what you do day in and day out to get it done.