A client needed faster color changes…Air Power and Gema to the rescue


Our clients operators were already using Gema box units for their non-recovery powder booths. While the units worked wonderfully these booths were connected and would be considered opposing. Each time they need to change color the operator must lift a 50lb box on and off the vibrating platform. This was a huge ergonomic issue for everyone involved.


After reviewing the setup and assessing the clients daily needs it was obvious that a Gema 8 color quick change package would allow for faster color changes, reduced material handling of the boxes of powder and would better prepare hard to fluidize powders in hoppers verses vibrating box units.


Any time you can make a client’s operation more efficient, save wear and tear on their operators and show the how quickly the ROI would balance out….they are going to be happy. You almost always have to spend money to save money so having a team that understands your operation and knows all the available options to increase productivity is vital. Team Air Power got the job done once again.

Gema Quick Color Change Systems