A new machine requires a custom crane and hoist design..no problem


The client, a local granite countertop supplier, was purchasing a new machine to custom cut their client’s countertops. Their existing workstation crane and hoist system didn’t allow the flexibility they needed to maneuver the granite into the proper position.


After on an onsite review, it became clear that a custom designed crane and hoist system was needed for the project.  Account Manager Justin Kuhn and Application Specialist Chris Nelson were able to custom design a 2 ton Gorbel crane and 1 ton Harrington Hoist system that allowed the power and flexibility the client needed.


The Air Power solution is working perfectly and this will likely be the last crane the customer will ever need.  The added bonus was an annual maintenance plan for all of their existing cranes and hoists. The ability of our team to not only immediately identify the issues, but to also have the technical skill to design a customized system leads to the perfect Manufacturing Solution.

Once again the tremendous knowledge and experience of our Account Managers and Application Specialists not only solves the issue at hand, but creates a long term customer.

Custom Crane