Introducing the 1211MAX Series High Speed Ratchet

Run off and run down in record time with the 1211MAX Series High Speed Ratchet. Available in 3/8 and 1/2 drive models, each with a flawless form that fits in tight spaces, the 1211MAX is a workshop workhorse, delivering a free speed of 625 RPMs while unloading 80ft-lb of nut busting torque with the help of reactionless impact mechanism.

Product Features

  • High Speed 625 RPM Free Speed lets you get more done, faster
  • Improved impact mechanism with advanced ratcheting system increases productivity
  • Compact, straight-line form conveniently fits into tight spaces for enhanced accessibility
  • Unique twin hammer mechanism allows for safer, reliable operation in high torque applications
  • Components allow for extreme output with minimal effort
  • Contoured trigger activator allows for more intuitive use than traditional handle design, while preventing finger slippage from oil, grease, etc.
  • Made to the highest Ingersoll Rand measure, components are easily serviceable to extend tool like and value

Introducing the 360 Series Pneumatic Belt Sander

The 360 Series pneumatic Belt Sander – engineered to make quick work of material removal and deliver smooth finishes. Whether removing spot welds, rust, deposits, or burrs, these tools get the job done fast with a 0.6HP motor. Increase your productivity with tool-free belt changes (either 3/8” x 13” or 1/2″ x 18”) that makes switching from one abrasive to the next quick and convenient.

Product Features

  • Strong and reliable: 0.6HP motor delivers maximum removal rates to ensure you get the job done quickly and can do more jobs each day
  • Adjustable: A handy power regulator ensures the right amount of power for every task
  • Adaptable: Tool-free articulating arm ensures hard-to-reach areas are never overlooked and quick adjustments for whatever task is at hand
  • Ergonomic: Narrow rubber grip provides comfort to last as long as you need

Part Number: IR 360-313