Our customer produces Epoxy Resin with metal fillers made for metal repair and resurfacing. They need to increase production and their existing pump system was not adequate.  It was taking too long to fill the bigger containers and was causing a production bottleneck.


The client now needs to fill 2.5 Gal, 5 Lt and 5 Gal buckets and taking into account these volumes with the desired production quotas, our team landed on 2 Graco Check Mate 42:1, 500 cc Lower Pumps with 1.5” dispense hose Id, a Smart Ware Dispense Kit and CFM Series Pneumatic actuated valves. The Air Power team worked directly with Graco to design and install the new set-up to make sure everything was to exact specifications.


These new pumps can deliver way more product much faster so the efficiency of production is dramatically increased.  In the end, the client should see a 150% increase in production rate which is an incredible return on investment.

Graco Checkmate Pumps

Graco Supply Pumps reliably deliver one-component sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials to metering and dispensing systems. Maximize your plant’s production capacity.