​ Air Power Manufacturing Solutions  is super excited about this podcast. Air Power Airwaves Podcast Host, Travis Stirewalt, sits down with the Finishing Lab Manager, Jeff Tussey, in the Air Power Live Studios in High Point, NC.

The Air Power Finishing Lab allows customers the opportunity to realize the benefits of new technology and better processes before they invest. This also helps to improve processes and adjust parameters to make sure that the customers investment is well spent and future unknowns become a lot less dramatic.

Features of the Air Power Finishing Lab:

  • Powder Coating Cartridge Booth
  • GEMA Optiflex Pro Gun Technology (multiple platforms)
  • 2 Liquid Booths
  • Liquid Spray Guns (full access to all Air Power supported brands)
  • Fanuc Robot Technology
  • Conveyors
  • Multiple Paint Proportioning Systems
  • Cure Oven (gas)
  • Cure Oven (electric)

For more information on the Air Power Finishing Lab and everything Air Power can do to help improve your processes, please call us today at 1-800-334-1001

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