Introducing New Acid Catalyst Configuration

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is pleased to announce the IntelliFlow RM2 is now available for acid catalyst applications. Ransburg’s IntelliFlow RM2 brings advanced automation and ease of use to drive efficiency, uptime, and optimization to your process.

Cloud-based connectivity allows real-time monitoring and troubleshooting from anywhere in the world. Flexible, high-performance fluid components deliver superior ratio and flow accuracy while maximizing coating and solvent waste savings. Seamless integration capabilities allow the RM2 to be installed in almost any new or existing process and immediately begin delivering cost savings.

Best-In-Class Performance

  • Capable of handling all major acid-catalyst formulations
  • Includes specialized low-flow flowmeter that can handle up to 100:1 mix ratios
  • Up to 7 colors and 2 catalysts, with programmable flush sequences per color
  • 3,000 psi (205 bar) pressure rating
  • 10” full-color touchscreen with built-in alarm troubleshooting

Switching to the IntelliFlow RM2 can save an operation over $50,000 per year.

  • Eliminate excessive mixed coating waste
  • Eliminate time required to manually mix coatings
  • Reduce warranty repairs from improperly mixed coatings

With the RM2, you can validate that the coating was mixed and dispensed correctly every time.

Learn why the RM2 is Air Power Approved