Introducing the NEW QX-Limitless platform

Ingersoll Rand’s QX Connected Series has been instrumental in helping more organizations take control of their fastening processes through its simple, flexible, and capable performance. Now, with the introduction of the QX-Limitless platform they are adding ‘connected, controlled, and compliant’ to the bottom line. Dual-band communication technology delivers a seamless, uninterrupted connection—and across a greater communication range than other cordless fastening systems can offer.

QX-Limitless can accommodate more tools in a single system, too—up to 10 tools on INSIGHTqcx controllers. Plus, it keeps unwanted connections at bay, meeting more of today’s stringent corporate cybersecurity regulations to ensure greater data protection. Add in speedy data transfer and multiple programming methods, and there’s simply no limit to the impact the QX-Limitless system can have on your fastening projects and applications.

CONNECTIVITY: The QX-Limitless platform enhances seamless, plant-wide connectivity across a broader range where access points share the same SSID and password. Incorporating dual band communication technology, the system helps to eliminate communication breakdowns in high-traffic work zones to ensure no loss in production.

  • Dual Band Communication Seamlessly Switches Between 2.4 and 5 Ghz Bands
  • Industry-Leading Communication Range for Plant-Wide Connectivity Up to 65 Meters
  • Reduces Limitation of Communications Distance Between Tools and Controller

COMPLETE CONTROL: The QX-Limitless limits your hardware footprint by connecting more tools on a single platform. This fast, reliable system delivers greater control over more tools, delivering quick, complete data transfer between devices and reducing installation costs. Plus, your tools are ready for the next cycle much sooner, ensuring increased production efficiency.

  • Connects Up to 10 Tools with INSIGHTqcx Controllers
  • Limits Hardware Footprint
  • Up to 40% Reduction in Initial Hardware Investments
  • Transfers End of Run Fastening Data Quickly
  • Tools Are Ready for the Next Cycle 50% Faster

CONFIDENTLY SECURE: QX-Limitless delivers greater confidence, connecting with the devices you need and, just as importantly, NOT the ones you don’t need. As a single product, it complies with more corporate IT cybersecurity regulations, increasing data protection, restricting access to non-authorized devices, and providing ease of adoption across more systems.

  • Multiple Cybersecurity Certifications to Meet Most Corporate IT Regulations
  • Increases Data Protection to Restrict Unwanted Access to Non-Authorized Devices

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