Speed up your tool repairs with a Blanket PO or Service Contract.

Having a “Blanket PO” or Service Contract with the Air Power Service Team can speed up the repair or service process considerably. Having these documents on file with our team keeps you from having to push a P.O. through your Accounting Department every time you need a repair. Plus a service contract ensures your equipment stays operational longer.

A “Blanket” P.O. is not a “blank check” to get tools fixed….each client will still need to approve every repair once your tool or equipment is assessed…plus;

– You can set your own unique spending limit
– You can set your own “repair” thresholds
– You will get alerts when you are approaching your limit
– You will get the assessment for approval

We have bins full of tools “waiting for a P.O.” in order to complete the repair. We have repair approval…but have to wait to fix…that is extremely inefficient…and this will solve that issue.

“Blanket” P.O.’s and Service Contracts are available for both our Bench Repair and Field Repair Services. If you have any questions or want to talk about getting started just call 1-800-334-1001.

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