What does Project Management mean at Air Power Manufacturing Solutions

“Project Management” can mean a lot of things in the Manufacturing world….but at Air Power it means a turn-key solution that has our experts with you every step of the way….and we mean every step.

In this Episode of Air Power Airwaves Travis sits down with Air Power’s Senior Project Manager Dave Hege to discuss how his team takes each of our customers through every phase of their project. From planning, to purchasing to project coordination and installation, our team of PM’s are the guiding light for every solution we manufacture.

Dave explains why being PMP (Professional Project Management) Certified matters and how his RED X and Green Belt Six Sigma certifications benefit not only our team of PM’s but each and every one of our customers.

Our team will guide you through;

  • The Kickoff Meeting & Customer Orientation
  • Project Logistics & Scheduling
  • Gantt Chart Timelines
  • Installation
  • Timely Project Communications
  • System De-bug & Startup
  • System Implementation

If you have any questions about today’s topic or would like to schedule an Air Power visit to discuss your upcoming manufacturing project, please visit our PROJECT MANAGEMENT page: https://www.airpower-usa.com/services/#project-management and then contact Air Power at 1-800-334-1001

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