In your shop our ours, Air Power can Service & Repair your Tools & Equipment.

If we sell it…we’ll fix it…..even if we have to come to you to do it! That’s the philosophy of the Service & Repair Department at Air Power Manufacturing Solutions. Our Bench Repair Team and Field Service Technicians are all factory trained on all the brands we sell, and we have a network of 5 Service Centers to make it more convenient for our customers.

In this episode of Air Power Airwaves, Host Travis Stirewalt welcomes Tyler Mabe, Air Power’s Service Department Manager, and Field Service Technician Chris Hawkins into the studio for an in-depth discussion on what makes our Service Department the best in the industry.

Learn about our Service Contracts, Emergency Repair capabilities, the training our technicians receive from our vendors, what you can do to make your repair happen faster and discover the biggest challenges our Service Centers face when trying to repair your tools and equipment.

As always it will be informative and fun and when it’s done if you would like to learn more about the Service and Repair capabilities of Air Power…just call 1-800-334-1001.

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