Using Robotics to redefine your manufacturing process

Manufacturing is changing….whether it is because of staffing issues, production inefficiency or growing product demand, automation and robotics is becoming a necessity for facilities of all sizes. It’s time to consider the possibilities for your operation. In this edition of Air Power Airwaves Travis Stirewalt chats with Mark Patterson, a Automation Solutions Specialist from FANUC, and Air Power Controls Engineer Dusty Coble to discuss the evolving integration of Cobots, paint and industrial robotics into small and large manufacturing facilities.

In this podcast we cover;

  • The reasons it makes financial sense to automate
  • The difference between robots and cobots
  • The different types of automation robotics
  • Some of the most common applications
  • Why Air Power is now an EXCLUSIVE FANUC Distributor

So sit back and enjoy this episode of Air Power Airwaves.

If you have any questions about today’s topic or would like to schedule an Air Power visit to your facility for help with automation or robotic integration, please contact Air Power today at 1-800-334-1001.

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