The Dynabrade Difference improves your finishing process

Material removal is a messy process….whether sanding wood, polishing fiberglass or grinding metal. It’s also hard on your crew, from the dust particles and metal shavings making it hard to breathe to the vibration and repetitious motions that finishing and material removal requires.

In this edition of Air Power Airwaves Travis Stirewalt chats with Ed Shirley, Territory Manager from Dynabrade Power Tools, and Air Power Application Engineer to discuss the “Dynabrade difference”. From small grinders to some of the most powerful sanders on the market, Dynabrade offers an array of tools that have less vibration, better ventilation and more ergonomic designs to make your process more efficient, safer and much more economical.

In this podcast we cover;

  • The markets that Dynabrade partners with Air Power to serve
  • A review of Dynabrade’s biggest products
  • How easy it is to repair and service the equipment
  • The “Try Before You Buy” program
  • What is the “Performance Assurance Kit” and why it’s important

So sit back and enjoy this episode of Air Power Airwaves.

If you have any questions about today’s topic or would like to schedule an Air Power visit to your facility for help with finishing, material removal or dust collection, please contact Air Power today at 1-800-334-1001.

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