Air Power University

Training for the Future – Air Power University 2023

Air Power recently invited experts from multiple manufacturing sectors to our headquarters in North Carolina for the first ever “Air Power University”. Each “instructor” had the opportunity to teach a class in their field of expertise and speak with each of Air Power’s Account Managers about future technologies and emerging trends in their field.

These industry experts updated our Account Managers on what to expect in the coming year from multiple categories including; e-mobility, discontinuous drive tools, data collection, new tech and equipment on the horizon and the latest tips, tricks and techniques to promote efficiency in your paint booth.

We are constantly training our team…but this was unique gathering with a specific focus on staying ahead of “what’s coming” in manufacturing. If we don’t know what to expect next year and beyond, we can’t help move your facility forward effectively.

Thank you to each of our instructors and the companies they represent for participating in our first Air Power University event.

The 5 Classes of Air Power University

Workshop #1 – East Coast E-mobility Boom

Instructors: Stephen Neuman & Nick Lewis
Company: GRACO

Workshop #2 – Reactionless Data

Instructors: TJ Hagan
Company: Aimco

Workshop #3 – Efficiency in the Paint Booth

Instructors: Codee Widler
Company: GRACO

Workshop #4 – Automation in a Flat Economy

Instructors: Mark Patterson
Company: FANUC

Workshop #5 – Products of Tomorrow

Instructors: Nick Dies
Company: GRACO

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