Introducing game-changing new technology from Ingersoll Rand.

It’s all about new game-changing technology in this episode of Air Power Airwaves! Host Travis Stirewalt chats with Ingersoll Rand’s Chris Scarborough and Air Power’s James Stanley about 2 new IR technologies that are going to change the way our customers manufacture their products.

First up we discuss the new “Drive XChange System” featured on the 2236 Max Series. This patented new technology allows you to change out anvils without adaptors that drain your tool’s power.

Then James dives into the new RTS (Responsive Tightening Systems) that IR is releasing to be a hybrid between regular impact tools and precision fastening equipment already on the market. RTS an “advanced assembly” tool that is programmable for each of your different applications.

If you have any questions about today’s topic or would like to schedule an Air Power visit to your facility for more information on the new Drive Xchange System or RTS, please contact Air Power today at 1-800-334-1001 or visit us online at

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