Breathe easier with the Bullard AirGuard Breathing Air Source

If you are using a Supplied Air Respiratory system then you should consider using the Bullard “Air Guard” Breathing Air Source. It delivers the Grade D breathing air and the latest safety innovations.

In this episode of Air Power LIVE Travis Stirewalt breaks down the AirGuard with help from Brian Floyd, a Regional Sales Manager from Bullard. They’ll explain how this 3-Stage Filtration System is different from other products on the market.

The AirGuard removes oil, water, solid particles, unpleasant odor and tastes but that’s not all, it also features:

– Rugged Pelican® case
– 7” Backlit Color Display with Visual Alarms
– 60 day calibration cycle
– Audible Alarm Warnings (Remote Alarm available)
– Filter Change Indicator
– Pressure Regulator
– CO and Differential Dew Point Sensors
– Relief Valve
– External Quick Connect Calibration Port
– Removable Data Logging USB Drive (time stamped for OSHA)

This portable, battery-operated system is rechargeable and password protected to keep your data safe….while it keeps your workers safe.

Contact Air Power Manufacturing Solutions to learn more about the Bullard’s Breathing Air Source equipment. Call us at 1-800-334-1001

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