Introducing the new Graco Stellair Manual Spray Guns with quick-change fluid cartridge

In the latest edition of the Air Power Airwaves Podcast host Travis Stirewalt gets the lowdown on the new Stellair line of Manual Spray Guns from Graco. Graco’s Nick Dies and Air Power’s Kyle Crawford break down the features and benefits of the Stellair and Stellair ACE, that both feature their revolutionary quick-change fluid cartridge.

Features of the Stellair Aluminum Body Gun:
– Quick-change fluid cartridge design
– Lightweight Trigger Pull
– 1/2 turn Air Cap
– Tool-less removable trigger
– 50%+ solvent usage reduction
– 27 Ergonomic Improvements
– Weighs slightly over 400 grams

Features of the Stellair ACE:
– Quick-change fluid cartridge design
– Carbon Fiber Construction (2
– Completely Tool-less serviceability
– Tool-less hose connections
– 100% swivel hose connection
– 27 Ergonomic Improvements
– Weighs slightly over 200 grams

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