Responsive action meets torque control with the new Ingersoll Rand Responsive Tightening System

Discover the new Responsive Tightening System from Ingersoll Rand with Travis Stirewalt and Air Power’s Lead Application Engineer James Stanley.

James breaks down and demonstrates how Responsive action meets torque control in the new RTS Connect. By using the Ingersoll Rand® proprietary torque control algorithm, this system sets a new standard for precision and reliability in your assembly operations.

The RTS Connect features reactionless performance, combined with robust wireless connectivity and programmable settings, making it the tool of choice for those who demand perfection at every turn. Ready when you are, the RTS Connect doesn’t just perform — it impresses.

Responsive Tightening System

RTS continuously monitors the state of the discrete-energy pulses through sensors in the tool along with motor- current feedback. RTS processes the feedback signals and applies Ingersoll Rand® proprietary torque control algorithms to determine when the fastener has become snug based on mechanism operating frequency and other factors.…

Responsive Tightening System

The INSIGHT™ Connect app helps you stay productive, mobile, and in control of your fastening processes.

When you use the INSIGHT™ Connect app, you can program any Ingersoll Rand® RTS Connect Series or QX Connect Series™ via smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the need for additional technical training, special software, or plant network permissions. Users can use the app to quickly program basic or advanced tightening parameters.

Once installed, the INSIGHT™ Connect app can operate offline, making it functional in large facilities or other locations, where Internet connectivity may be unreliable, increasing uptime and maximizing ease of use. The INSIGHT™ Connect app is the perfect companion to the RTS Connect and QX Connect Series™ tools, connecting to each tool wirelessly via Bluetooth®.


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