Personal Climate Control Devices from Bullard will protect you from the heat (or cold)

Bullard’s Regional Sales Manager Brian Floyd visits the Air Power LIVE studios to show us their latest Personal Climate Control Devices. Travis and Brian walk you through the various Isotherm Cooling products to keep your workers more comfortable and hopefully more efficient too.

The AC 100 cooling tubes from Bullard can be used as part of your supplied air respirator setup or with the Isotherm Cooling Vest to cool the temperature for your worker by 30 degrees.

Bullard also offers the “Dual Cool” DC5040 device which would power both your respirator and your cooling vest at the same time, cooling both your head and torso while you work.

If you work in colder environments, or you have a big temperature swings in your facility, the DC2400 can do both. It has the same 30 degree temperature swing…but hot or cold, depending on your needs.

Any of these devices can greatly reduce heat stress, make water breaks less frequent thereby increasing the overall efficiency of your team.

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