Air Power Demo Day 2024 in High Point, NC

Air Power recently invited experts from multiple manufacturing sectors to our headquarters in North Carolina for the 2024 Air Power “DEMO DAY”.

Each “instructor” was in High Point to give our Account Managers “hands-on” experience with their newest technologies and to properly show them how to properly DEMO their products to our customers.

We are constantly training our team…but this was unique gathering with a specific focus on being able to present these products to our customers in the best way possible. How to best highlight the features, while still focusing on each customers unique set-up and process.

Thank you to each of our instructors and the companies they represent for participating in our first Air Power DEMO DAY.

DEMO DAY Breakdown;

Station #1 – Dylan Moody – Lifting with IR – Balancers and Gen2
Station #2 – Lindsey Mcdiarmid – Launching RTS and the NEW Clutch Tool
Station #3 – Chris Scarborough – Industrial Advantage – W8000, Battery Grinder, 2236
Station #4 – Bryan Olyer – Remember the QX – Programming, APP, Mult-sync Corded Systems
Station #5 – Mike Moe – Launching Stellair Manual and Stellair ACE
Station #6 – Brian Caudill – 110KV auto, The perfect Powder demo, All-in-one Pump, and Product Comparison

If you would like us to demo any of these products in your facility, or would like to come visit ours, please call us at 1-800-334-1001.

…more TRAINING videos