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The Airflow Products Series M11pleated air filter features 100% “supercharged” synthetic media, consisting of graduated denier fibers, which are hydrophobic in nature and non-supportive of microbial growth. This high performance, electrostatically enhanced media contributes to a higher initial and sustained efficiency, and longer service life.

Available in standard and high capacity versions, the Series M11 achieves a MERV 11, (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating as per ASHRAE Std. 52.2.

For use as a pre-filter for high efficient final filters, as a stand alone primary filter, or as a recognized solution to indoor air quality concerns, the Airflow Products Series M11 is the filter of choice by HVAC professionals worldwide.


M11 Pleat Brochure

M11 Pleat Data Sheet

AirFLOW Pleat Brochure


  • Efficiency - Increased initial particulate efficiency MERV 11 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) per ASHRAE 52.2 /Extended dust holding capacity
  • Media - Electrostatically enhanced, 100% synthetic fibers Graduated density / built-in prefilter layer
  • Resistance - Low initial resistance to air flow/Longer service life/Savings in operating / energy costs
  • Moisture Resistant - Inherent hydrophobic characteristics of synthetic media. Non-corrosive materials
  • Anti-microbial - Synthetic components non-supportive of bacterial / microbial growth
Above comparative data based on the features and benefits of the Series MR11 pleat as compared to MERV 6 pleated filters using a poly/cotton blended media.


  • Available in Standard and High Capacity Versions
  • 26 Point High Wet Strength Clay Coated Kraft Board Die Cut Frame
  • Radial Pleat Design
  • Electrostatically Enhanced, 100% Synthetic Media
  • Moisture and Bacteria Resistant
  • Media Bonded to Expanded Metal Support Grid Using Moisture Resistant Adhesive
  • Media Bonded to Frame Using Moisture Resistant Adhesive
  • UL Class II Rated As per UL 900 Standard



Our extended surface pleated panel filters are designed for use in air filtration systems and equipment, as stand alone basic efficiency products or as pre-filters to higher efficiency bag, rigid box or cell type filter. As a standard offering, the Series 2000 and 3000 Filters achieve MERV 8, as ASHRAE STD. 52-2.

The 26 point clay coated, kraft-board die cut frame, diagonal and horizontal support members, radial wedge design and expanded metal media support create one of the most rigid filters of its type in the industry.

The media pack, comprised of 100% polypropylene fibers, is bonded to the inside perimeter of the enclosure frame by a moisture resistant adhesive, providing a continuous and positive seal.

The standard offering is rated by Underwriters Laboratories as Class II, per UL Standard 900.

The AIRFLOW PLEAT is designed so as to work suitably within built up filter banks and/or side access systems. Available in nominal 1”, 2” and 4” depths and 50 standard size offerings, this product is designed to fit most industrial and commercial applications with little or no system modification.

Rigid construction, extended surface and long service life are features and benefits which make the AIRFLOW PLEAT an excellent option for meeting the requirements today’s filtration market.

AirFLOW Pleat Brochure


  • Available in economy, standard and high capacity versions
  • Series 1000 - MERV 7, Series 2000 and 3000 - MERV 8
  • 26 point high wet strength clay coated kraft board die cut frame
  • Radial pleat design
  • Media is 100% synthetic fibers - water and bacteria resistant
  • Media bonded to expanded metal support grid using water resistant adhesive
  • Media bonded to frame using water resistant adhesive
  • UL Class II rated as per UL 900 standard
  • Series 1000 - 2" (8 pleat per lineal foot), 4" (7 pleat per lineal foot)
  • Series 2000 - 2" (10 pleat per lineal foot), 4" (9 pleat per lineal foot)
  • Series 3000 - 2" (15 pleat per lineal foot), 4" (11 pleat per lineal foot)
  • Intermittent operating temperature not to exceed 180 degrees

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