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By the controlling the supply of air, cycle actuation products allow the operator to control the cycle rate of ARO pumps.






  • Solenoid Actuation Kit - Control Pro series pump cycle rate with on/off signal from PLC or other device. Kit includes connector with 36" cable plus components and instructions to install on standard pump.
  • Cycle Actuation Kit - Kit allows operator to control cycling of an ARO EXP pump with an electrical signal from PLCs, pH or Pressure Sensors or even a Simple Line Switch. Electric signal actuates valve, which in turn supplies air to large end of unbalanced valve, allowing pump to cycle. When electrical signal is removed, the pump's air valve resets itself, completing cycle.
  • Air Control Actuation Valves - Three-way valve controls air supply to pump. Activation starts pump, deactivation cuts air supply to pump and exhausts air from motor, which prevents stalling. *Valve requires use of a connector.

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