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  Air Power’s monthly email newsletter The Power Post features a round-up of all the latest happening at Air Power. We feature a Tech Talk section where we highlight new and innovative technology in the manufacturing industry. We share success stories that focus on the ways our team has designed, engineered, and implemented process improvements […]

Echa un vistazo a lo que se está cocinando en México

As the summer heat is beginning to increase so is our Monterrey, MX team.  These past few months have been full of exciting product launches, customer trade shows, and strategic partnership meetings.  Our facility, located just outside of Monterrey, in Apodaca, consists of eight (8) employees’ within a 308 sq. meter (3,315 sq. ft.) branch […]

Ergonomics and Quality Control to New Heights

  Manufacturers of passenger transportation systems make every effort to exceed in safety intelligence within the industry. This case study demonstrates safety improvements, as well as, operator ergonomic advantages, in an effort to decrease facility liability. Customer   Manufacturer of vertical transportation systems. Challenge   Operators manually load and unload valves utilizing an older pneumatic […]

Tech Tip: Dedicating Your Manual Powder Hose

Dedicating Your Powder Hose   Dedicating your powder hose specific to your color and special type of powder can save you time in color changes and prevent costly rejects. It can speed up your paint process, eliminate powder contamination and reduce clean up time. If you are frequently changing your powder color throughout the day, […]

Water is Good. But Not in Your Airline.

Compressed air is readily available and simple-to-use, but it can be the most expensive form of energy in your application. Air leaving a compressor can also be dirty, and depending on the outside temperature, can contain moisture. The presence of moisture in the air line can damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment, such […]

Graco Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) Metering System

    The Graco Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) is an electrically driven proportioner for two component sealant and adhesives. The EFR provides advanced material control in applications requiring consistent shots and beads. Air Power Application Specialist Ronnie Lowe talks about the features of the EFR Metering System and the many ways it can improve your […]

How to Get Started with Gema OptiFlex E-App

    How to Get Started with Gema OptiFlex Pro E-App The Gema E-APP paired with the OptiStar 4.0 Control Unit puts powerful information at your fingertips on your Apple or Android phone or tablet. Update software, change gun settings, manage run time, monitor powder output and keep an eye on powder usage. All this […]

Here We Grow Again: New SC Location

Upstate South Carolina Air Power Branch   Air Power Manufacturing Solutions is excited to announce our new Piedmont, SC location. Air Power has quickly outgrown the existing Greenville, South Carolina branch, and as such, we are excited to re-locate into a much larger facility within Piedmont, South Carolina.  This 12,000 square foot facility will boast […]