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Static Bench Mounted

Designed to work with the AWS series of torque analyzers and data collectors, these high-strength aluminum integrated bench stands mount directly to a benchtop. Optional overtorque protection rings prevent accidental transducer overload on smaller transducers.

Our static transducers are offered in ranges from 10 Oz.in. to 2,000 Lb.ft., with ±0.5% (±0.25% optional) of indicated reading accuracy from 10% - 100% of the transducer range. All transducers can be calibrated bidirectionally.*







Impulse Rotary Transducers

AWS offers a wide range of strain gauged rotary transducers for bidirectional dynamic torque measurement. The unique design of this versatile product makes it possible to test pulse tools without being adversely affected by frequency oscillations or joint rate conditions. They are also the ideal solution for monitoring the output of standard torque-controlled nut runners.

These transducers are available in ranges from 100 Lb.in. to 1,000 Lb.ft., with an accuracy of ±1% of indicated reading from 20% - 100% of the transducer range. These transducers are designed for 3,000 RPM continuous operation.


Rundown Fixtures

For the first time, accurate and repeatable testing of pulse tools, pneumatic/electric screwdrivers, angle wrenches, and nutrunners is achieved with ease. By utilizing quickly changeable beveled washer stacks, AWS Rundown Fixtures can simulate all your joint requirements including soft, medium, and hard, without the inaccuracies introduced by conventional "spring" methods.












Transducerized Wrenches

These non-length dependent transducerized torque wrenches are designed for accurate, on-site quality assurance testing of fasteners. Ideal for testing either "advancing-the-nut" or "break-away" torque, these rugged and reliable torque wrenches can be configured as an Intellect-Series product.















Stem Transducers

All AWS transducers can be configured for use with the AWS-1000 series torque loaders. This quick-change combination provides a safe and easy method for testing torque wrench performance and repeatability.





Intellect Series

All transducers are available with internal calibration data (Intellect Series.) This feature provides independent calibration and interchangeability with Intellect-ready AWS display units. The auto-recognition feature ensures correct transducer selection without user intervention.

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