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Designed to remove a limited amount of cured hydrocarbon coatings from metal parts by turning combustible cured paint into smoke and ashes. Primarily water vapor and carbon dioxide is discharged into the atmosphere, which is invisible, odorless, and harmless.

Batch Burn-Off Ovens & Washers

Fast, Cost-Effective and Polluting-Free

Heat cleaning is the proven solution for the painting industry. It limits labor costs, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profit potential. GFS, a leader in heat transfer technology, manufactures a variety of Batch Burn-Off ovens to suit any manufacturers' needs. 


  • Eliminates hazardous chemicals in the workplace 
  • Very low labor cost 
  • Limited secondary clean-up 
  • Oven controls are fully automatic 
  • Compact design reduces exterior envelope and saves floor space 
  • Central heat distribution for optimum balance of heat 



Batch Burn-Off Ovens can remove limited amounts of paint, powder coating, epoxies, lacquers, urethanes and other organic or inorganic compounds from a variety of parts, such as: 

  • Racks
  • Hooks
  • Fixtures
  • Part reclamations 

Other Applications 

  • Engine and part rebuilders
  • Electric motor rebuilders 


The process is simple: the operator loads a rack of parts to be cleaned into the oven, pushes the start button and closes the door. The average cycle time is 2 to 6 hours. The system is fully automatic, which allows the operator the option of handling other tasks or running the oven at night. 

The central heat distribution system ensures even temperatures throughout the oven chamber and eliminates cold spots. This precise control of temperature prevents distortion of the part during the process. The primary and secondary water suppression system along with the monitoring of both the oven and afterburner chamber temperatures ensures a safe controlled burn-off. 

Safe and Clean 

During the process, hazardous contaminates are eliminated by the oven's afterburner. The afterburner thermally destroys pollutants at temperatures ranging from 1400 °F to 1900 °F. What's left is a small amount of ash that can be easily shaken or brushed off. In most areas, this ash is not considered hazardous waste. GFS ovens are approved by Air Quality Authorities throughout the U.S, Canada and overseas. 

Secondary Clean-Up

GFS has engineered and manufactured a Wash Booth to address ash containment and typical house cleaning normally associated with a burn-off process. GFS is the only burn-off oven manufacturer to address secondary cleanup and offer a solution. 

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