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automated blast systems


In today’s marketplace, resources are always limited, contracts are hard to come by and floor space is at a premium. That makes versatility a prime consideration when buying equipment. GFS is a leader in heat transfer technology and manufactures Batch Process Ovens that provide an economical solution for a variety of industrial processes. Our batch process ovens feature the uni-flow air distribution system, the supply air plenums are located on both sides of the oven. The hot air exiting the plenum is pulled across and up through the part to the return air opening located in the heater box.



Batch Process Ovens Brochure


  • Drying
  • Curing
  • Baking
  • Preheating


  • Built to NFPA-86 standards 
  • Include adjustable air distribution tabs, whereby the air velocity can be balanced uniformed temperature and airflow.  
  • 20-gauge aluminized steel fabricated panels, insulated with 4" of heavy-duty mineral wool batt. 
  • Oven support structure consists of 12-gauge formed steel with trouble-free bolt together assembly. 
  • Ovens can be equiped for natural gas or propane. 
  • Most models are available with a top- or rear-mount heat chamber. 
  • Standard temperature range is 300°F to 500°;, consult factory for other settings. 
  • Gas connection size is 1"; gas supply pressure from 1 PSIG to 5 PSIG. 
  • Airflow switches and interlocks. 
  • The gas manifold assembled by GFS features valving that meets F.M. insurance requirements. 
  • Uni-flow air distribution.



Manufactured at GFS, our oven panels are constructed of aluminized 20-gauge steel skins, with 4 inches of mineral wool batt for heat retention. Each panel is tongue and grooved with 20-gauge slottted channels for precise, plumb assembly.


GFS Batch Process Ovens come standard with the INSIGHT control panel and The Professor control system. 


The INSIGHT control panel comes standard with the following components: 

  • Type 1 industrial panel with main disconnect
  • Door-mounted disconnect switch  
  • Operator remote control station with 5.7” BW touch screen  UL 508- listed for flame control  
  • Choice of continuous run or batch control 
  •  Easy pop-up screens for setting temperatures and batch cycle times  
  • Digital display of set point temperature and current process temperature  
  • Digital display of batch set time and time remaining  
  • Intuitive pop-up screens of current changing operations and faults 
  • Access to the Professor help functions
  • Do you have a question or need application assistance?