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Combination Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners / Washers & 3 or 6 Gal Solvent Distillation Recyclers  

BECCA originated the Combo concept, developing the combination of a paint spray gun cleaner and a solvent recycler to provide the most efficient paint spray gun cleaning system with no handling of waste.This means the mess of pouring containers of waste into the solvent recycler is eliminated from paint spray gun cleaning!


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HC (High Capacity, 6-gallon) Paint Spray Gun Cleaner / Washer & Solvent Recycler Combo Systemsare our best-selling products, followed closely by SC (Standard Capacity, 3-gallon) Paint Spray Gun Cleaners & Solvent Recycling Combo Systems.

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SC and HC Solvent Saver Recycler Brochure

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We have many solvent recycler and paint spray gun cleaning systems to accommodate all usage levels & budgets.

Our Combo Cleaning Systems:

  • Reduce solvent purchases through recovery while thoroughly cleaning your spray gun equipment.
  • Reduce hazardous waste by 90-95%.

CSA Listed to UL2208 & to Class I Div 1 Requirements
(Required for Finishing Environments)

Spray Paint Gun Cleaners / Washers & Solvent Recyclers Feature:

  • CSA Listed to UL 2008, Class I Division 1 Group D
  • Attractive solvent-resistant powder coat finish
  • Easy valve operated transfer controls
  • 2-Year Warranty - Longest in Industry!

BECCA continues to set the standard for others with options like:

  • Direct Connect - Allowing transfer of solvents between the recycler and the paint spray gun cleaner with no handling.
  • Booster Kits - Allows placement of the cleaning system 30 to 50 feet away from the solvent recycler and still transfer fluids.
  • Dual Spray Gun Kit - Connects two cleaners to one of our solvent recyclers.
  • 10-Gallon Tanks- Provide higher solvent capacity.

Note: All other options can be found in the Spray Gun Cleaner or Solvent Distillation Recycler specific product sections

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