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E800A Manual/Automatic Deluxe Workstation Brochure

Waterborne Options and Accessories Brochure

This proven "Top-of-the-Line"  Manual/Automatic unit is the first choice of paint company training centers all across the country. When it comes to work area, process speed, ease of use, durability and performance, it is truly the "Tool of  the Trade". A 5 gallon container is included in the base price, as is the 3 container "off-line" Clarification (flocculation) system. Also included is a starter kit containing BECCA WaterWave addative and Clarifier Packets.

We have many solvent recycler and paint spray gun cleaning systems to accommodate all usage levels & budgets.

Standard Features:

  • STAINLESS STEEL BASIN w/ COVER - Painter Friendly
  • AUTOMATIC HANDS-FREE CYCLE - Free up Operator Time
  • POWERPISTOL™- Quick & powerful Spray Gun Cleaning
  • POWERCLEAN™  - Compressed Air Connection Protecting Air Passageways 
  • PULSATING FLUID - Powerful Cleaning Efficiency
  • USED/CLEAN FLUID CONTROL - Superior Cleaning and 50% Solvent Savings
  • FLOW BRUSH - Improved Cleaning of dried material
  • AIR PISTOL - Quick Drying Interior & Exterior of Residual Fluid
  • COMPOSITE QD's - High Flow Corrosion Resistant
  • 5 GALLON CONTAINER w/ LID - Fluid Reservoir
  • GREEN POWDER COATED FINISH - Long Maintenance Life
  • INPUT AIR FILTER/REGULATOR- Proper System Air Control
  • CLARIFIER KIT w/ AIR BUBBLER - 3 Containers and Dual Filter System
  • NESHAP COMPLIANT - Meets NESHAP Requirements

Optional Upgrades:

  • ENVIRO™ CARTRIDGE FILTRATION RECYCLING SYSTEM - Less Maintenance & Improve Productivity with a Two Stage Filtration System (75 & 25 Micron Filters)
  • HEAT SYSTEMS - Elevates Temperature to reduce cleaning time

    Standard Heat - Hot Water Tank System (120V @ 4.6A)
    Heat On Demand - Rapid Temp Rise System Cls I Div 1 (120V @ 10.5A)

  • COVER DOOR - Required in some Jurisdictions
  • BECCA PROTECT FILM - Maintenance Film Coating

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