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BGK Finishing Systems is a proven provider of one of the most even cures across, and through, media packs in the industry. By drawing the heat energy through the media evenly, all of the media gets to the same temperature quickly and consistently. Thus eliminating the need to scorch the knuckles to get the center of the pleat pack cured. Even cures result in very even mullen tests throughout the media; including heavy-duty air filter media applications with pleat heights of 3" or more.

BGK's Media Cure system is an ideal match to automated count-cut equipment as well as cartridge assembly equipment, in a single or dual lane configuration. With the vacuum holding the media in place, there is no need for wire guides. The vacuum holds the media in line and tight to the conveyor which keeps the pleats straight and uniform. 

A complete cure along with a well cooled product gives the pleat packs good column strength and memory. This leads to an easy-to-handle pleat pack that will provide an even distribution around the center tube and a high quality filter cartridge assembly.

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