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The unique Binks air assisted airless tips and our new air caps, used on our popular handguns, are now available in the new MAG II HVLP Automatic Air Assist Airless Gun. Three different tip options. The fluid and air connections, as well as the in-line filter, are located in the manifold providing quick and easy removal of the gun for maintenance.


MAG II Brochure


The MAG II Air Assist Airless Spray Gun is designed specifically for superior finishes in the industrial marketplace.  It is a full size, light weight gun ideally suited for multi-gun finishing equipment.  With three different types of tips available and the same air caps that are used on our popular Air Assist Airless hand gun, expect an exceptional finish.

  • Flat Tip: Premium tips for a uniform pattern
  • Fine Finish Tip:  Pre-orifice for best particle distribution
  • Twist Tip: Reduces downtime caused by tip clogs

The MAG II is capable of spraying a large variety of coatings, including UV.

Updates include:

  • Lighter weight: MAG II is 30% lighter than MAG AA and MAG UV
  • New Robust End Cap:  End cap is reinforced with a stainless steel plate for longer life
  • New Spring Assembly:  Spring is retained in cap for easy assembly
  • New Mounting Block Screws:  Larger diameter screws resist shearing and stripping, making maintenance easier

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