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Isotherm® is a revolutionary technology that offers more cooling, lasts longer and is more comfortable than any other cooling product on the market.

Tests have proven that the Isotherm cool vest stays within the human “comfort zone” much longer than any other product. Unlike ice or gel packs that quickly lose their cooling, Isotherm’s unique phase-change technology maintains a constant, pre-set temperature that will provide hours of effective cooling to the user. The cool packs within the vests can be recharged thousands of times, providing hours of safe, controlled body temperature management. No waiting... no downtime... Simply submerge Isotherm Cool Packs in the cooler with ice water and they are fully energized in 20 minutes. Isotherm outperforms thecompetition, providing up to four hours of cooling in 90°F ambient temperatures.

    isotherm vest blue robotic blast cell features

    • Unparalleled cooling power for up to four hours
    • Engineered to maintain a constant 55° F
    • Reduces heat stress
    • Ergonomic design for practical use in the field
    • Recharge in ice water in 20 minutes
    • Lightweight
    • No condensation

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Bullard offers six belt-mounted climate control devices for use with Bullard airline respirators. Each system enables a worker to adjust and control the temperature of the air delivered to the respirator.

Cooling Devices & Free-Air Pumps | Pressure vs. Flow


Cool Tube Assemblies

Bullard Cool Tubes cool incoming air from breathing air sources by as much as 20-30° F (11-17° C). These cool tubes feature adjustable airflow control valves that allow the user to adjust the incoming air temperature to a level best suited to individual comfort. Bullard Cool Tubes include Models AC1000 (for use with compressed air), Frigitron2000 (for use with Bullard ADP20 and EDP30 Free-Air® Pumps) and ACL99 (for use with Lancer Series respirators). Accessories include leather heat shield and assorted belts.


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CT Cool Tube

The latest innovation in climate control... the CT Cool Tube helps maintain worker comfort and maximize productivity when working in extremely hot and humid environments. Lightweight and comfortable, weighing 3.8 ounces, the CT cools incoming air by as much as 32ºF while directing hot air away from the body. Equipped with an exhaust filter that protects against paint overspray and extends the product life. The CT Cool Tube is available with the DynaSwivel fitting for greater mobility.


CT Series Features & Benefits


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Hot/Cold Tube Assemblies

Bullard Hot/Cold Tubes cool or warm incoming air from compressed breathing sources. When used in cool mode, the Hot/Cold Tube decreases the incoming air temperature by as much as 30° F (17° C). When warming incoming air, with a Bullard Hot/Cold Tube, the air temperature can be increased by up to 30° F (17° C). The Bullard Hot/Cold Tube is Model HC2400. Accessories include leather heat shield and assorted belts.



HCT Series Features & Benefits


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Dual-Cool Tubes

Cool your air temperature and your body temperature with one device. The Bullard Dual-Cool Series cools the incoming air temperature and directs cool air to a vest for upper torso cooling, as well. The Dual-Cool will cool incoming air from compressed breathing sources by as much as 30° F (17° C). Separate control knobs allow the worker to adjust the temperature of air to each zone. Dual-Cool Series systems include DC Series cooling vests and assemblies. Accessories include leather heat shield and assorted belts.


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Keep cool all day with these Evaporative Cooling Products from Bullard:

    Submerge Evaporative Cooling Products in water for only 1-2 minutes.

    Get immediate relief from sweltering temperatures.

    Stay cool for hours while on the job.

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Portable Cooling Air Distribution Manifold


  • Provides approximately 50°F output air temperature with input temperatures up to 180°F
  • Provides 4 to 8 hours of cooling using 20 lbs. of ice for operation
  • Manual condensate drain installed inside.
  • Attaches to any Grade-D compressed air source up to 125psi 
  • Adjustable pressure regulator, gauge, and safety relief valve installed in the system with a final filter on Model BACB-196
  • Entire unit is packaged in a rugged Igloo® roller cooler with a fold down pull handle

The cool Box OpenBenefits

  • Provides low cost cool breathing air anywhere
  • Operates with any airline Type-C mask or hood style respirator
  • Ideal for cooling Level "A" chemical suits and air supplied hoods
  • Provides cool air for up to four workers
  • Attaches easily to any Grade-D air source up to 125psi with Model BACB-196. 20psi maximum for Model BACB-196LP, ambient air pump version
  • Eliminates the need and expense of noisy vortex cooling tubes
  • Designed and engineered for less than 2psi pressure drop in the system with flow capacities to 75cfm
  • Provides NIOSH point-of-attachment components and cooling in one package
  • Custom Mounting Options Available

Note: Output temperatures may vary depending on ambient conditions, the type of respirator used, and length of hose.

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