Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized 3M Distributor

3M continues to be inspired and motivated by their corporate vision:

  • 3M Technology Advancing Every Company
  • 3M Products Enhancing Every Home
  • 3M Innovation Improving Every Life

Their vision helps define what they do, how they do it, and where they do it. At the same time, it establishes a stretch goal for all employees at 3M. And it captures what differentiates them from competitors as an enterprise.

What they do and have done for 114 years is advancing, enhancing and improving.  How they have done it, and continue to do it, is through technologies, products, and innovation. Where they do it is for every company, in every home and for every life all around the world.

In short, this vision serves as a daily reminder to all of us of what the 3M brand stands for.

With corporate operations in 70 countries and sales in 200, 3M is committed to creating the technology and products that advance every company, enhance every home and improve every life. Air Power is proud to be an authorized 3M Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.