Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of AIMCO.

Whether you need the flexibility of a cordless nutrunner in your critical fastening application or to fasten bolts on a transmission engine in a data monitored and controlled environment, increase productivity in your assembly every time you use one of AIMCO’s brands. AIMCO offers a complete portfolio of critical fastening solutions and has established itself as one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of pneumatic power tools.

AIMCO is also the United States’ exclusive importer for the Japanese based manufacturer Uryu Seisauku, Ltd. A relationship that started back in 1970 when the US automotive market was booming, and the assembly required power tools with high speed to serve the need for their high-volume production.

Unsurpassed quality defines AcraDyne, AIMCO’s manufacturing division, that produces a complete line of innovative D/C Controlled tools for a wide variety of applications. These applications serve in markets from Automotive requiring data reporting in real time to Agriculture that require accurate high torques for long lasting solutions.

Cost Effective Reliable Products

Investing in AIMCO doesn’t mean you’re investing in just a product, you’re investing in a long-term solution. To ensure the reliability of our product, AIMCO tests its AcraDyne High Torque line 100,000 life cycles before it is released into the market. This ultimately reduces your production costs as the product does not need to be serviced frequently decreasing your downtime.

A Complete Innovative Portfolio

With the current trend in Industry 4.0 and data exchange in manufacturing, AcraDyne’s technologically advanced tool controllers monitor and control both continuous and discontinuous drive controlled tools in one of the widest portfolios in the world.


AIMCO’s support doesn’t stop after the sale of the product, it provides full service support from the design, to after-sale ensuring the best solution possible for its customers. Now you have a single source offering full service support at a consistent high-level.