Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Autoquip.

Since 1948, Autoquip Automation has been engineering custom processing solutions. As a leading provider of paint finishing equipment and services for the Industrial and Tier 1 market, Autoquip delivers hard automation and robotic equipment and services for liquid spray painting.

Their extensive product line includes an array of Mix Room Equipment and Paint Equipment, Fluid Metering systems, energy efficient Agitator Motors and innovative Robotic Systems & Reciprocators. Their services include project management, complete installation and integration of automation projects, lab tests and trial, and expert customization.

Autoquip is is a trusted resource for:

  • 2020 Collaborative Pump Systems – The Autoquip patent pending Collaborative™ Pump provides a pulse free constant flowrate rate to process equipment and is designed to provide superior control of single and plural component ratios and flow rates at lower capital cost. Our fluid metering system uses sequential batch metering to accurately dispense and mix resin and hardener on-ratio regardless of the varying flow rates seen in real world paint applications. Collaborative™ pump strokes are independent and overlap the pressure stroke to eliminate pulsations. The pump housing & components are available in several different polymer and elastomer wetted surfaces. The Autoquip Collaborative™ pump has no external seals for best in class abrasive and moisture cure fluid applications.
  • 3404 Stainless Steel Mix Tanks – Autoquip offers stainless steel mixing tanks in a range of standard sizes from 5 to 80 gallons. All our tanks are built with high quality 304 stainless steel materials and available with a flat hinged or catalyst dome lid tanks. Custom mixed tanks (120 – 600 gallon) can be manufactured to fit your exact application requirements. Autoquip includes a line of accessories for outfitting tanks to meet the specific requirements for line side or mix room process.
  • 3077 Agitation Systems – Autoquip offers a high efficiency agitation system that utilizes a self-lubricating piston-style air motor. Our quiet, piston air motor produces high toque at low RPM, eliminating the need for a gear reducing transmission. Autoquip offers a line of different sized air motors to match your unique speed and torque application requirements. Our energy efficient piston design consumes less air so you can reduce air motor consumption up to 15x more than other brands.
  • 3099 – 5 Gallon Pail LiftsAutoquip’s five-gallon pail lift system is specifically engineered to eliminate ergonomic issues caused by the routine manual handling of five-gallon pails. The simple and flexible free-standing base allows for portable use and the centering of two pails at once. Its large, 10-inch center feed mixing blade and slow speed reduces process issues. Additional features include mounting for air motor and air flow control, a dual lock system, a center feed suction tube, and easy access for agitator and lifting speed control.
  • 3099/3092- 55 Gallon Lifts, Lids & Agitation – Autoquip has developed a complete line of 55- gallon single post elevators for lifting 55-gallon cover-mounted pump and agitator systems. The pneumatic lifting device easily raises and lowers the agitation system during the drum change-out process. The operational controls are centrally located and designed to restrict activation of the agitator while the drum cover is in the raised position, reducing exposure to rotating components decreasing injuries and spills. The elevator can be furnished alone or as an assembly.
  • 3066 CCV & Poppet Valves – Autoquip’s Color Change Manifolds and Valves offer high quality performance and multiple options that provide versatility for a broad range of applications. Our color change valves and manifolds are engineered to provide a method of commuting several colors together into a single connection point, allowing a selection of an individual color and/or flushing of a color. The base of each color change design is a time-tested cartridge style color change valve. Autoquip has implemented tens of thousands of the Autoquip 3066 Cartridge Valve. The Autoquip success is simple. We provide a rugged stainless-steel wetted valve with only Teflon and UHMW components. The valve provides high flow, requires little compressed air to actuate, a visual indicator to verify actuation, and is easy and inexpensive to rebuild.

Autoquip is an experienced technical source to the industrial market for liquid color change equipment and the application of multi-component mixing equipment – including our technologically advanced double action multi-component gear and piston pumps. Air Power is proud to be an authorized Autoquip Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.