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Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of BGK Finishing Systems.

BGK Finishing Systems design and manufacture electric infrared curing systems and industrial coating process conveyors. The company was formed in 1980 by Chuck Bergman, Rick Ganyo and George Kraun, hence the name BGK and is based in our modern purpose built production facility in Pheasant Ridge Drive, Minneapolis, USA.

BGK’s precision-engineered solutions offer curing capabilities for a full range of coatings including liquid, powder, wax, UV and adhesives. Our solutions can be found all across the globe and in a wide variety of industrial settings.

We specialize in the use of shortwave Infra-Red Curing as this gives us the capability of close loop temperature due to the rapid response of the lamp. Our solutions offer the advantages of reduced energy consumption, minimized floor space, increased productivity and premier finishes.

BGK prides itself on our testing and lab facilities, expert customer service technicians and the attention to detail that keeps our customers returning to us year after year.

BGK offers a proven line of curing technologies and now expands its product offering with the introduction of the Gas catalytic Infrared Ovens. Proving faster process times than convection style ovens resulting in less equipment and floor space. Gas Catalytic IR ovens can improve quality and consistency of finish for powder or liquid applications.

BGK Finishing Systems is a proven provider of Flatline curing systems. We provide infrared ovens, cool downs, load/unload and transfer conveyors and more. BGK has designed systems for Brake Pad, Glass and Media manufacturers, as well as Flatline systems for other general industrial markets.

BGK design and manufacture electric infrared curing solutions. These solutions work with all conveyor types and are available in boosters, ovens or combination systems. We use infrared solutions to cure powder and liquid paints, and several other types of finishes and adhesives.