carbit peel

Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Carbicote Strippable Coatings.

Carbit Paint Co., LLC, is the manufacturer of Carbicote, a line of strippable coatings for spray booth maintenance that protects spray booths from the fire hazard of overspray accumulation.

Established in 1925, Carbit is a third generation family owned and operated industrial coatings manufacturer located in Chicago, IL. In 1989, Carbit Paint introduced Carbicote, a line of waterbased strippables to meet new VOC regulations and OSHA restrictions on flammable liquids in the workplace. Carbicote is sold nationally and internationally through Carbit’s network of spray booth equipment distributors.

Carbicote offers temporary protection for spray booth walls, floors and lights. When soiled, it is peeled from the booth surface and new material is applied. Carbicote is non-toxic and freeze/thaw stable.

There are eight products in the Carbicote line:

948 – Bright White Waterbase Super Peel Strippable forms a tough film with exceptional release. It offers good coverage and strippability and peels well in heated or previously coated booths.

942 – Bright White WB High Solids Strippable is the workhorse of the line. It offers excellent coverage and strippability

949 – Bright White Waterbase Strippable is economical yet has good coverage and strippability.

946 – Bright White Solventbase Strippable is fast drying with good strippability.

920 – Waterbase Spray Booth Prep Coat prepares rough wall surfaces for Carbicote topcoats.

947- Bright White Strippable is solventbased. Dries in minutes and is tougher, cheaper and creates less waste than floor paper.

951- Clear Waterbase Prep Coat Floor Coating is waterbased, quick drying and used for new or old concrete floors to help the release of floor strippables.

945- Crystal Clear Waterbase Strippable protects lights and windows with a transparent film that peels well and dries quickly.


Carbit supports distributors with the tools they need:

1. The Carbicote Brochure describes all strippables and prepcoats for walls, floors and lights.

2. The Carbicote Calculator is an excellent estimator tool. It provides gallons required for each strippable and prepcoat when booth dimensions and surface conditions are imported into the calculator.

3. Carbicote’s four videos show spray and roller applications for large and small booths.

4. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Product Data Sheet (PDS) provide safety and application information for each product.

Today, Carbit manufactures compliant and environment friendly green coatings that are designed to meet the specialized needs of its customers. High performance, one and two component waterbased coatings are in demand now, but their laboratory continues its research in other areas to discover new ways to serve our customers’ needs.  Air Power is proud to be an authorized Carbicote Strippable Coatings distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.