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Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Research Products – RTT.

Since 1997, RTT Engineered Solutions (previously known as Col-Met) has brought the highest quality products and innovative solutions to spray finishing operations. Our mission has been and still is to serve our customers with an unparalleled level of quality, reliability, service, and to continue to expand our product portfolio.

In 2017 RTT/Col-Met acquired RP Arrestors. The acquisition allows RTT to expand our product portfolio by offering a complete line of paint arrestor exhaust filtration products. Founded in 1983, RP Arrestors, the inventor of slit and expanded filtration products, has been dedicated to producing quality paint arrestors to provide customers with optimum performance and extended service life. RP Arrestors are disposable paint overspray collectors and have proven to be a cost-effective, efficient way to handle virtually every overspray requirement. Well-known RP Arrestor brands include the 3000-3700 Series, Series S, and Spra-Cube products.

The acquisition of RP Arrestors benefits our valued customers by producing the following enhancements:

  • Allow RTT to offer a strong portfolio of paint arrestors that can be purchased with your RTT paint booth or to replace arrestors in your current booth
  • This dry filter system offers a significant improvement over virtually all types and methods of overspray collection products
  • RP Arrestors will reduce operating and disposal costs since the product can be incinerated
  • This product will extend the life of virtually any paint overspray collector based on the depth loading characteristics

Building on RTT’s belief of quality and innovative products, we have recently introduced a new line of filtration products, the W-Series 5000, 5100 & 5200 that offers the following benefits:

  • Superior Filtration Characteristics
  • Maximum Holding Capacity
  • Minimum Face Loading
  • Less Filter Change Outs
  • Lower Operating Cost

RTT’s new line of W-Series products also offers the industry’s only spray booth 5-year warranty. In addition, the filters have been designed, tested and approved to provide superior paint particle separation while restricting the least amount of airflow in accordance with ASHRAE 52.1. Just another example of RTT quality, innovation, and industry-leading technology.


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