Doctec Roll Handling
Doctec Roll Handling

Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Dotec.

For over twenty years Dotec is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Friendly Lift Assist.

Dotec’s primary markets are Flexible Packaging, Non Woven and Yarns and Fabrics. The number one product handled in these industries are rolls.

Dotec is the proud supplier of total roll handling solutions in which we take care of the unloading, lifting, tilting, turning and distribution of rolls. This is what we do globally, turnkey.

Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging is one of the biggest in the packaging segment. Rolls come in different sizes and weights and are often difficult to handle manually. That is where the Dotec Roll Handler can assist. For these diverse rolls we offer multiple types of roll handlers suited to your process to reduce the risk of injuries but also to make the process more ergonomic.

Personal hygiene and household products are used all around the world. Diapers, wet wipes, feminine care, all these products originate from raw material and come from large rolls. These rolls need to be handled but are mostly too heavy to lift and turn manually. If you add a Dotec Roll Handler to your process you speed up the process and you will have a safe and ergonomic way of working.

Yarns and Fabric
Speed, high volumes, high frequency, high stacking height, long infrastructure, low weights, these are some typical characteristics of the yarns & fabric industry. To meet these requirements and characteristics Dotec developed handlers that fit perfectly.

General Handling
Besides Roll Handling Dotec is also the supplier for Liftassits for your bags, boxes, kegs, panels, drums, pails.

Why Dotec?
The Dotec Lift Assist has very specific characteristics that are based on operation, speed of handling and ergonomics. It has a very short learning curve. Everything can be controlled by a finger touch which makes it very easy to work with. That is why it is called the Friendly LiftAssist.

  • Ergonomic ease of use – finger touch, no buttons, no switches therefore a short learning curve
  • No bending, no stretching, eyes on the load, awareness on the surrounding area
  • Increasing of your flexibility
  • We don’t leave until your handler works perfectly. You will receive instruction and training after every installation