Ergonomic Tool Arms

Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized Ergonomic Tool Arms, LLC Distributor

Ergonomic Tool Arms are among the most ridged and smoothest operating arms in their weight and torque class. Yet they are one of the lowest priced torque reaction arm lines on the market. They offer a very affordable tap arm for secondary tapping operations or to lower the burden rate of your expensive machine tools by removing the tapping operation from those machine tools. How did all this quality and value happen? Well…to put it simply…. they designed the business that way.

From their humble beginning just a few years ago, the plan was to offer a few well designed and well built models of assembly arms and tap arms to cover the bulk of customer’s needs for fastening, drilling or tapping operations. They set out to keep the product line simple, overhead low, our quality high………. and to machine the parts and assemble all of these tool support arms right here in the USA.

Ergonomics Benefits

  1. Eliminates Torque Reaction for air & electric powered screwdrivers, nut runners, tappers and hand drills.
  2. Tool and Arm Float Practically Weightless, reducing burden on operator.
  3. DF Models Automatically Provide Air Tools with Down Force during Tool Rotation and weightless float when motor is idle. This “power assist” aids operator when driving self-threading fasteners or drilling holes.

Production Benefits

  1. Keeps Driver in Alignment with Fastener and Workpiece. Helps eliminate cross threading, broken bits, screw head burrs and out of square fasteners.
  2. Keeps Expensive Tools from being Dropped, Moved or Misplaced.
  3. Tool Stays Right Over Work Area, Reducing Cycle Time.
  4. Tapping Arms Thread Holes at a Much Lower Cost than a Machine Tool and at a Faster Rate.

ETA Tap Arms are also great for a second operation in a casting, molded plastic part or in punched sheet metal…. wherever threads are required.

Assembly Arm Models | Tap Arm Systems | Tool Holders | Torque Arm Accessories

ETA torque arms are also built to be very adaptable for changing industrial applications. You can swap arm components and tool holders as your tasks change over the years. Air Power is proud to be an authorized ETA Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.