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Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Flexarm.

In 1984, Richard Kennedy owned Midwest Specialties, a stamping facility that got its start producing water can brackets for Humvees and Jeeps. To help with some internal projects, he designed a tapping arm to increase speed and accuracy when tapping holes in the shop.

As other companies visited the machine shop for various reasons, they inevitably were drawn to the homemade tapping arm: they had never seen anything like it. Word spread across the small town of Wapakoneta, Ohio, and FlexArm Inc. was born.

Three generations later, FlexArm still produces water can brackets, is still based in Wapakoneta and is still in the family, run by Richard’s grandson, Nick Kennedy. Kennedy is driving forward, growing the company exponentially while keeping a firm grasp of their founding principles.

While the product line has grown to include assembly arms, die grinding equipment, part manipulation equipment and even FlexCNC, some things never change: FlexArm products are still catching the attention of machine shops and fabricators across the country. From humble beginnings to a vibrant, growing company, FlexArm has carved out a niche for itself in American manufacturing with efficient, flexible machines and a service-first culture.

FlexArm Assembly Arms
The Assembly Arm solutions by FlexArm reduce the torque absorbed by the operator while also maintaining perpendicularity and counterbalancing the weight of the tool.

FlexArm Tapping Arms
FlexArm offers both hydraulic and pneumatic tapping arms.

So which arm type is best for your application? Well that depends on a few factors, including the smallest and largest size taps that you think you will use. We also need to know what type of material you’re tapping in to.

FlexArm Part Manipulators
Part Manipulator arms by FlexArm operate in tight spaces to position parts, load and unload tools, or hold work pieces. They have the capacity to lift up to 200 lbs, yet are compact enough to work where a traditional overhead system won’t.

FlexArm has grown to become a global leader of tapping arms, ergonomic arms, and large bed CNC vertical machining centers, Air Power is proud to be an authorized Flexarm Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.