freudenberg filtration
freudenberg filter

Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides a wide range of air, gas and liquid solutions. Perfectly adapted filter solutions for maximum efficiency and purity without compromise. The highest quality standards apply to paintwork in the automotive and automotive supply industries. They will help avoid paint damage due to airborne contaminants through effective filtration of the intake and recirculated air that is tailored to your specific system.

In many industrial processes and whenever safety is required, the filtration of air and liquids is indispensable. Filtration impacts the quality of an end product, the productivity of a company and its contribution to environmental protection. This is why companies expect a great deal from filtration. This is why their customers expect a great deal from them.

Freudenberg stands for filtration that provides people with optimal, reliable protection. They support companies in producing outstanding products. Their motivation is to develop solutions that make filtration an important success factor. And they constantly strive to become even better. This is the basis of their passion for innovation.

Freudenberg gets excited when their customers contribute sustainably to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, lower their operating and repair costs and improve process efficiency or quality of life. This is what drives Freudenberg to do our best every day.