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GCI Handling

Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized GCI Distributor

GCI Engineered Solutions saves money and eliminates potential risk for numerous Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis, all while aiding in lean processes. They are the leading provider of custom torque reaction and material handling systems across the globe. With a focus on ergonomic lifting solutions and torque reaction arms, their material handling designs have taken part in the assembly of something as small as a tooth paste tube to as massive as a jet. They offer the world’s largest array of torque reaction systems with a range in size from 30 Nm up to 7,500 Nm.

They take pride in our innovation in the industry, it is the reason they are able to handle such a broad range, both in torque and material handling. In 2006 they became the first in our market to incorporate high capacity carbon fiber composite into our manipulators, making for a much lighter alternative to steel and allowing us up to a 20’ reach. Their expert team of mechanical and software engineers, mechanical and electrical designers, fabricators, welders and assembly technicians are all under one roof allowing us a seamless process and quick turnaround.

Their Smart Arm technology is second to none and has been in use industry wide for many years.  When incorporating the Smart Arm tracking features to the extensive line of torque arms, through their proprietary AdaptiCS software, it not only error proofs the assembly process, but allows for the documentation of each individual fastener in the assembly.  AdaptiCS has been internally developed by, and is exclusive to, GCI.  The power and user-friendliness of this software makes it the preferred choice for Smart Arm applications.

Material Handling Solutions

  • Jibs
  • Grippers
  • Roll Handlers
  • Vacuum lifts
  • End of Hook
  • Stackers
Torque Reaction Solutions

  • 30 Nm – 7,500 Nm range
  • Single or Multi Spindle
  • Smart arms
  • End of Hook
  • Overhead, floor mounted or mounted to portable base

When quality, safety and ergonomics are at the forefront of your organization, consider GCI to solve your complex lift or torque reaction needs! To find out more please visit www.gcilift.com. Air Power is proud to be an authorized GCI Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.