hennecke machines

Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Hennecke products.

In the early 1940’s, entrepreneur and visionary machine builder Karl Hennecke became fascinated with possibilities and opportunities presented by an interesting new material – Polyurethanes – invented just a few years earlier. He studied the chemistry of Polyurethanes and envisioned endless opportunities for polyurethane parts in the massive reconstruction of Europe.

In 1945, he founded Hennecke GmbH. He dedicated his company to the design and construction of automated processing machines that would meter and deliver in sequence the precise amount of each polyurethane raw material – Isocyanates, Polyols and other additives – to produce a specific Polyurethane system.

Hennecke’s vision was to create machines that streamline Polyurethane processing by eliminating production bottlenecks and decreasing production costs, particularly by minimizing raw material waste. Soon after founding the company, Hennecke introduced the world’s first high-pressure mixing machine, an innovative apparatus that quickly injects fast-reacting Polyurethane raw materials into a mold, which allowed part manufacturers to offer their customers high-quality molded parts with performance characteristics possible only through the unique chemistries of fast-reacting Polyurethane systems.

From there, Hennecke never looked back. That first high pressure mixing machine was only the first success in their storied history of working closely with processors and users around the world to develop new machines and processing concepts to replace conventional materials, always with an eye to improving the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers’ processes.

Prior to 1968, Hennecke served the US market from Germany. In 1968, Hennecke USA was founded in cooperation with Leon Machinery in New Jersey, manufacturing metering equipment.

In 1977, Hennecke USA moved from New Jersey to Lawrence, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

In 2008, Hennecke USA became an independent company renamed Hennecke Inc.. Today, Hennecke Inc. continues to operate in Bridgeville, PA.

Mixing and metering without any quality compromise with machine technology for every conceivable and inconceivable application: for more than 50 years, metering machines from Hennecke GROUP have been synonymous with top quality polyurethane processing and have been the centerpiece of countless processing plants. The Hennecke lineup comprises modular configurable systems for small to large outputs with first-class metering pumps, a great choice of state-of-the-art mixheads and intelligent automation.

For seven decades, Hennecke has been developing and designing high-class machine and systems technology as well as process technology for polyurethane processing. Air Power is proud to be an authorized Hennecke USA Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.