Ingersol Rand
Ingersol Rand

Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized Ingersoll Rand Distributor

Ingersoll Rand ® has built a reputation for keeping its customers up and running for over a century. Ingersoll Rand® manufactures power tools that put manufacturers in control of increasing productivity, lowering costs and ensuring high-quality production. Whether pneumatic or cordless, Ingersoll Rand has a number of product lines to choose from that include QX Series™ cordless tools, DC tools & INSIGHTqc™ controllers, pulse tools, industrial bolting, surface preparation, lifting & air motors. Our advanced engineering and manufacturing have a standard of excellence often copied, but never matched. When it comes to assembly tools, industrial tools, cordless tools and lifting, don’t settle for less. Count on genuine Ingersoll Rand tools, accessories, and equipment.

When trying to achieve simple manufacturing goals in a complex manufacturing world, understand the fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated. Each line offers fastening tools that secure threaded joints in repetitive assembly operations to produce durable finished goods. These precision fastening tools help manufacturers in light assembly, heavy equipment, aerospace, defense and vehicle assembly fulfill diverse tooling needs that achieve high-quality manufacturing outcomes. Taking total control of your fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our wide range of industrial tools, hoists, surface preparation and applied power products help provide the right solution for whatever your industry demands. Turn to us for breakthrough thinking, the finest equipment and a true partnership at every stage of your operation. No matter the industry or application, you can count on Ingersoll Rand® as a trusted partner to help you get the job done right.

ingersol dc

DC Precision Fastening

Our comprehensive family of DC electric fastening systems deliver simple, flexible and capable solutions for all of your assembly requirements. The ultimate world-class combination — QE Series tools and INSIGHTqc™ controllers — team up to make meeting your critical fastening requirements simple. Offering flexibility, these durable, ergonomically designed tools are easy to use — no experience needed. The new Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqc™ is different, by design. This controller is designed to be easy to use and integrate, while providing a common platform to meet your assembly requirements worldwide.

ingersol qx

QX Series ™ Cordless Precision Fastening

The QX Series is built on innovative technology that is easy to use and provides simple insights for greater consistency and accuracy in manufacturing.  When it comes to fastening, non-transducerized tools don’t stand a chance. The QX Series™ line of products give you closed-loop control of your fastening process. Each and every tool allows for programmable tightening strategies to deliver higher quality fastened joints and a level of control that is unmatched by other solutions. The diversity of the QX Series™ lineup offers a simple, flexible and capable solution for any fastening need. Control & ergonomics, not compromise- that is what the QX Series™ Ergonomic Tightening Systems (ETS) is all about. QX ETS cordless screwdrivers offers all the capabilities found in the QX Series platform, without the torque reaction. The QX Series™ increases productivity and lowers costs- all at a price you can afford.

ingersol pulse

Pulse Tools

In the pursuit of improved ergonomics in critical assembly applications, accept no compromises. The YS-e series offers excellent ergonomics eliminating torque reactions experienced by the operator on fastening applications. YS-e offers superior traceability, recording tightening results for short-term and long-term assurance that the work was done right.

ingersol torque

QX Series™ Torque Multiplier

The QX Series™ Cordless Torque Multiplier will reduce your bolting time and cost, while ensuring repeatable accuracy for all torque-critical joints. Designed with a premium gearbox and an efficient closed-loop transducer, the Torque Multiplier offers proven quality, control and programmable configurations to maximize your productivity. The Torque Multiplier also provides wireless communication and fast programing that is cordless, allowing operators to move freely around any workspace.

ingersol bolting

Industrial Bolting

Ingersoll Rand impact wrenches are well known for their durability and compact profile, delivering rugged reliability and the best power-to-weight ratios on the market. Every Ingersoll Rand impact wrench delivers cutting-edge tool designs that work hard, provide maximum comfort, safety, efficiency and serviceability. Our wide range of pneumatic air tools deliver the flexibility you need to fit even the most unique and demanding applications.

ingersol surface

Surface Preparation

Maintenance personnel and operators can count on Ingersoll Rand to provide them with the power they need for tough grinding jobs. Cleaning surfaces, removing gaskets and general surface prep is no problem for our full line of straight and right angle grinders. Whatever the application, Ingersoll Rand finishing tools bring out the best in your operators’ skills, and contribute to the ultimate in quality for your products and processes.

ingersol lifting


Ingersoll Rand manual and powered hoists bring outstanding control, reliability, long life and safety to your load handling operations. We offer a broad range of chain hoists, with lifting capacities ranging from 125 kg through 100 tons. Applications served include high-speed production, food grade applications, construction, mining, shipyards, power plants, cement plants, refineries and onshore and offshore drilling and production platforms.

ingersol air motors

Air Motors

Ingersoll Rand air motors provide infinitely variable speeds and torques. They are perfect for a wide range of industrial applications from 0.10 to 30 horsepower, 23-26,000 rpm speed ratings and 0.10-1,090 ft-lb torque ratings. They will not overheat or burnout, making them safe for operating in hazardous conditions.

Ingersoll Rand equipment, products and services range from complete compressed air and gas systems and services to power tools, fluid management and material handling systems. Air Power is proud to be an authorized Ingersoll Rand Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.