Air Power, Inc. is a Lesta Systems Integration Partner

Our finishing solutions use proven Lesta self-learning robotic technology that has been adapted within the DeGeest production environment so manufacturers can thrive in a range of applications. The entire solution is then integrated by DeGeest for peace of mind. That means expert training and support by a team of craftsmen with a deep bench of knowledge and experience. DeGeest is the only integrator that uses what it sells in its own production environment to elevate the entire system beyond just a robot’s path generation. More than just a painting path, Lesta integrated by DeGeest is a total finishing solution that will change the way you work.

Not Your Typical Robot.

Lesta self-learning robots use the experience of your best painter to create a program of their every movement, gun angle, trigger pull, spray technique and path speed needed to finish your parts. This only requires your painter in a weightless training mode during production. No teach pendants or complicated programming. Whether it’s continuous, power free, batch or cart, Lesta technology works with any new or existing system.

  • Finish more parts without hiring
  • Proven automated finishing solutions built for liquid or powder
  • Increases gun-on time
  • Improves consistency and quality
  • Multiplies the efforts of your painter
  • No robotic programmers or teach pendants needed to adjust parameters and presets
  • Built, integrated and supported in the USA

How It Works

  • Robot motors disengage quickly and easily to enter a weightless learning mode
  • Painter teaches the robot how to paint a particular piece in real time
  • Robot records every gun angle, trigger pull, and painting preset
  • Program is saved and ready to automatically paint that part any time in the future
  • New programs can be taught without stopping or a gap in the line
  • Fine tune programs for speed, fan, atomization, flow control, and optimize recipes

With expert installation, training, and support, any size company can be finishing robotically on Day One following installation.

  • Only NRTL Class I Div 1 self-learning robot in North America for peace of mind
  • Entire system is tested and verified in LestaUSA Test Lab + Integration Center
  • In-house engineering, software development, and manufacturing
  • On-site system training during startup and production
  • Solutions built, integrated and supported in the USA

While traditional robotic technology can be complex and intimidating, LestaUSA allows manufacturers to take advantage of robotic finishing quickly and easily because no advanced programming skills are needed. It’s so easy, you can be finishing robotically on Day One following installation.

Air Power is proud to be a Lesta Systems Integration Partner and highly recommend them to our customers.